How to Get Rid of Weeds From the Garden? Newspapers Can Provide a Cheap Solution

    How to Get Rid of Weeds From the Garden? Newspapers Can Provide a Cheap Solution

    2:40 PM EDT, July 19, 2022, updated: 12:37 PM EDT, July 27, 2022

    How to get rid of weeds? This is a question that every person who takes care of the garden asks himself. A simple and inexpensive solution used before gardeners will certainly help with this. Each of us can test it, because the necessary materials certainly have at home. Here is a way to get rid of weeds using ordinary newspapers.

    How to Get Rid of Weeds? The Cheap and Fast Way With Newspaper

    Weeds are a problem in every garden. There are many ways to fight them. Sprays, agro-weed, bark, stones and other mulching materials. We recently wrote about a blogger who tore off 500 square meters of agro-textile. It turned out that under it the roots of the plants developed from the wrong way. Instead of growing deep into the soil, they began to get caught in the nonwoven fabric. The woman immediately decided to get rid of it from her garden. It turns out that agro-fiber has a cheaper and more effective substitute. Moreover, it costs nearly nothing!

    Newspaper in the garden is a natural alternative to agro-fiber. You can easily use it in the garden and quickly get rid of weeds. Just lay thick layers of newspaper in areas prone to weed growth. If there are already plants growing there then put them around, leaving a small distance from the stem. Then, pour water over the whole thing and wait a while. When the top layer begins to dry, cover the newspaper with bark or a thin layer of soil.

    # Newspaper in the Garden for Weeds. How It Works.


    A thick layer of newspaper keeps sunlight and air from penetrating the soil beneath it. This prevents weed germs from growing enough to get through it. Without sunlight, they wilt under its layer. Keep in mind that other plants will also break through it. If you want to plant something in the future, be sure to cut the newspaper carefully.

    # Eco-Friendly and Inexpensive Alternative to Agro-Textile.

    This method has many enthusiasts. Not only financial matters are important for gardeners here. Also the ecological aspect of the newspaper has its advantages. Such a liner is biogedradable, so after a year there is no trace of it. Such a treatment suffices for the whole season from spring to late autumn.

    It can also be handled by gardeners - amateurs who are taking their first steps. Putting the newspaper is intuitive and it is difficult to do "harm" to your plants. Compared to agrofiber, no mold appears under it, and roots do not grow into it. Natural decomposition means that we can add more layers every year without worrying about the health of our garden.

    It is important to use black and white newspapers. Waxed papers with color printing can break down chemical components of printing inks in the soil. These can affect the acidity of the soil. This is especially important when lining a vegetable garden, for example.


    # Newspapers Can Also Be Replaced With Cardboard

    If we do not have a large amount of newspapers and paper on hand, we can replace them with cardboard boxes. They have the same effect, but due to the thickness of the material we will not have to layer it. One layer will suffice completely.


    # Fighting Weeds - How to Get Rid of Them From the Garden for Good?

    Weed seeds are omnivorous. They can even be found in bags of soil in stores. Therefore, if you add soil in the garden, it is worth choosing one from a good manufacturer. It is important that it is packed in bags. When weeding by hand, remember to pull out the entire plant. The roots that remain under the soil will regrow, so you need to pull out the whole thing.

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