How to Get Rid of Weeds From Paving Stones? A Natural, Cheap and Fast Way to Spray

    How to Get Rid of Weeds From Paving Stones? A Natural, Cheap and Fast Way to Spray

    How to Get Rid of Weeds From Paving Stones? A Natural, Cheap and Fast Way to Spray
    2:34 PM EDT, July 19, 2022, updated: 4:19 PM EDT, July 25, 2022

    Weeds in the gaps between paving stones look extremely unsightly. Removing them with a hoe or hands is extremely laborious and time-consuming. Is there another way to fight unwanted vegetation? How to get rid of weeds from paving stones?

    Vinegar for Weeds in Paving Stones

    Ordinary vinegar for many beneficial uses. It will also help you win the battle against weeds that multiply in cracks on sidewalks and paths. However, you must be careful not to apply it to ornamental plants in your yard, as they will simply die then. When making a panacea for weeds, the most important thing is to stick to proportions and use the right concentration of vinegar.


    Recipe for Making a Vinegar Spray Step by Step

    1. If you are struggling with young and green weeds, then use ethyl alcohol & vinegar with a concentration of 10%. On the other hand, for decayed weeds and those with tough stems, you will need vinegar with a concentration of 20%.

    2.Pour half a liter of water into a spray bottle and add a liter of vinegar (remember to always pour the vinegar into the water). On the other hand, if you have to fight overgrown and old weeds, then use vinegar alone and do not dilute it with water.

    3. Do the spraying during the day:

    • Make sure is dry, so that there are no raindrops and dew on the weeds. Water will only further dilute the vinegar and the spray itself will not work properly. It is good for it not to rain for 24 hours after spraying. Then you will be sure that the rain will not wash away the vinegar preparation.
    • Wind free, because the wind can carry the vinegar to other plants that grow nearby.
    • Sunny, because the vinegar itself will already dry out the weeds, and the sun will further intensify the effect.

    You need to know that spraying with vinegar will not destroy weeds completely. It will deal with small specimens and make the leaves of the larger ones start to wither. Therefore, to prevent their regrowth, apply the spray regularly once a week. After 2 or 3 cycles you will notice a significant difference.

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