How to Get Rid of Bugs. 10 DIY Ways to Do It.

    How to Get Rid of Bugs. 10 DIY Ways to Do It.

    How to Get Rid of Bugs. 10 DIY Ways to Do It.
    6:56 PM EDT, June 21, 2020

    Bugs can hide in the tiniest cracks and holes of beds, which makes it really difficult to get rid of them. Of course it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do. There are some reliable ways to kick them out of your bed! How can this be done? The answer is right below

    #1 Use a hairdryer

    Bugs like it warm. As long as it is human body temperature. A hot stream from a hairdryer might kill them. Find the spot where they might have left their eggs and turn the dryer full power. The bugs won’t carry their eggs anywhere else and you can be sure they won’t spread and soon die.

    #2 Wash your clothes in hot water

    Even if you bought new clothes, you’d better wash and dry them as soon as possible. This will kill the bugs that might hide in new clothes. From time to time wash your clothes in a slightly higher temperature.

    #3 Use hot steam

    It’s been scientifically proven that hot steam eliminates the bugs from beds. The steam clears them out of their tiny holes they hide in and then kills them.

    #4 Use double-sided adhesive tape

    Find a route the bugs travel along. Apply adhesive tape there. They will get stuck there becoming an easy prey for you.

    #5 Use the silicon from shoe boxes

    You must know what we’re talking about – the tiny bags you can find in shoe boxes and sometimes in some grocery packets. Don’t throw them away. According to scientists, the gel absorbs the lipids form the bugs skin. That makes them dehydrate and finally dry out.

    #6  Keep your clothes in sealed bags

    Keeping clothes in sealed bags prevents bugs from getting inside.

    #7 Make a trap

    According to scientists, dry ice might attract bugs releasing carbon dioxide. You can make a trap filling an insulated jag with dry ice and covering the base with powder talc which traps them inside.

    # 8 Make a home spray of vinegar

    Vinegar contains an acid that damages the nervous systems of these insects. A spray based on it is deadly for them. Fill an empty spray bottle with white vinegar and apply it directly on the bugs.

    #9 Mix cayenne pepper, oregano and ginger

    Another spray you can prepare includes spices. Mix cayenne pepper, oregano and ginger with water. Pour it into a spray bottle and apply onto places where the bugs have been spotted. The strong smell of oregano combined with hot cayenne pepper and ginger will repel the bugs for good.

    #10 Use essential oils

    Rosemary, pepper mint, cinnamon, mint, eugenol, lavender or lemon grass – these oils are some of the most effective bug repellents. If you want to prepare the spray, mix two of the oils and together with water pour it into a spray bottle.

    Have you ever had to struggle with the bugs? What did you do to kill them off?
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