How to Fix Bulging Floor Panels. We Have a Hack to Do It Really Quickly!

    How to Fix Bulging Floor Panels. We Have a Hack to Do It Really Quickly!

    How to Fix Bulging Floor Panels. We Have a Hack to Do It Really Quickly!
    6:27 PM EDT, May 21, 2020, updated: 4:57 PM EDT, May 22, 2020

    If you have renovated your flat, you know how much every single new scratch hurts. Sometimes by accident, doing everyday things, we damage the surfaces. Now imagine the pain when on your brand new floor appears a bubble…

    A wet bucket, drink spilled at a party… There may be several causes. I know it is pretty common and things wear off. Fortunately, there is an easy hack that will make your floor look good again.

    Wet floors swelling

    Panels are made either of chipboard or fibreboard. They are coated with decorative paper on the outside, protected with resin and other chemicals. They are available in such a wide range of prices that everyone can afford them. Another advantage is very fast and easy installation.

    Moist that gets to unprotected parts of panels makes them bulge.

    The nasty bubbles are an effect of swelling of chipboard inside the panel. The first thought that springs to your mind is to replace the panel. OK, wait a second. Before you call someone to have it done, try our hack.

    How to save bulging panels – an easy trick with an iron

    Step 1. Carefully dry the surface of the panel where you spilled some liquid. Good quality panels sometimes get back to their original shape.

    Step 2. Take a cotton towel or cloth. Remember it must be made of natural fabric so that it won’t melt exposed to hot iron.

    Step 3. Set a moderate iron temperature. Spread the cloth on the bubble and press it with hot iron. Be careful not to burn the panels. Constantly control what is happening under the cloth. SWITCH OFF THE STEAM FUNCTION!

    The floor should be restored to its original shape.

    If that doesn’t work, unfortunately the only thing left to do is replacing the damaged part of the floor.

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