A Simple Idea to Find the Parents of a Child Who Got Lost on a Crowded Beach

    A Simple Idea to Find the Parents of a Child Who Got Lost on a Crowded Beach

    A Simple Idea to Find the Parents of a Child Who Got Lost on a Crowded Beach
    1:00 PM EDT, June 13, 2022

    No matter how vigilant you are as a parent and how observant you are, it may happen that you lose your child on the beach in the summer. How to deal with such a situation? In Brazil they have a simple and effective trick for this.

    How to Find the Parents of a Child Who Is Lost


    On South America's most famous beaches, locals have come up with an idea that works no matter what language a person speaks. When someone finds a lost child, they communicate with it and then start clapping.

    Smart as a… Brazilian


    All the other people around that person and child also start clapping and this "wave" spreads further. Until it forms a big loud circle, which makes it much easier for the parent to find the child (and sometimes to notice that it's gone 😉 ).

    In Practice, it Looks Like the Video Below:

    Conquering the Beach


    One has to admit that this way seems great because you can apply it anywhere. It is simple, and the mass clapping draws attention. Tourists who return from Brazilian beaches appeal where they can to start using it all over the world. Maybe you too will have the opportunity to use it on your vacation (let's hope there is no need for that).

    Do you know of any other effective way to find the parents of a missing child fast?

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