A Simple Trick to Discourage Your Cat from Climbing on Countertops and Tables

    A Simple Trick to Discourage Your Cat from Climbing on Countertops and Tables

    9:39 AM EDT, May 29, 2024

    Cats love to walk their paths. If you buy a beautiful bed for them, chances are that they will not want to use it at all. Instead, they will choose a kitchen table or work surface. Although it seems impossible, we will give you a hint on how to wean your cat from climbing on the countertop.

    There are several tricks that will make your cat no longer want to jump on the table or worktop. They are quite simple to apply and you can count on quick results.

    #1 Sticky Tape Trap

    Attach double-sided adhesive tape in several places. Four-legged dogs hate the sticky feeling under their paws. When they hit a sticky trap, they will quickly learn that it is better to avoid it.

    #2 Repellent Aluminum Foil


    Line a countertop or table with aluminum foil. Cats are extremely annoyed by the rustling sound it makes. Therefore, after a few encounters with the foil, they will quickly become discouraged and stop getting on the countertop.

    #3 The Power of Citrus

    Cats do not tolerate certain smells. Therefore, you can put dried orange or lemon peels on the table. Essential oils (lavender, peppermint or lemongrass-scented) also have a deterrent effect. You can soak the item of your choice with them and place it on the countertop.

    #4 Move Enticing Objects Out of the Way

    Cats jump on countertops and tables for a reason. They are usually attracted to a spot light, plants, a feeder outside the window or other favorite objects. Therefore, close the blinds or move the flowers, and all objects tempting the cat, to a completely different place.

    #5 Water on the Attack


    Furries do not like encounters with water and the feeling of being soaked. Therefore, always have a spray bottle full of water on hand in the kitchen. Whenever your cat jumps on the table, then wet it lightly with water. Then the pet will quickly evacuate. Repeat this every time it climbs the kitchen table. Eventually he will associate that jumping on the countertop is equivalent to contact with the hated water.

    Tell us how it went!

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