Simple Ways to Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

    Simple Ways to Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

    4:06 PM EDT, June 24, 2022, updated: 6:04 PM EDT, June 24, 2022


    Summer is a time of joy and beautiful weather, but the scorching sun of rays can make home a hell. It is impossible to sleep in conditions that resemble a sauna. Since one don't have air-con, has to come up with different ways to cool down the inside of my apartment. Here are some tips that can make your home a pleasant and cool aura.

    Efficient Space Cooling

    • To keep a room cool, do not overheat it. Close your windows when the outside temperature is above 75.2°F. Usually the lowest temperature during the day is between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. and just after 8 p.m. You can then comfortably open the windows.
    • To avoid warming up your apartment, it is advisable to use curtains. It is best to opt for thick linen curtains in a light color. Do not buy curtains made of synthetic or artificial materials.
    • If you don't want the heat to stay in your home, get rid of things that collect dust. Throw carpets, rugs, decorative pillows and throws deep in the closet. This will keep the air cleaner and cooler.
    • When you want to air out a room, dampen a towel and hang it in an open window. This trick will help you cool your home quickly and make the air more humide

    Use a Ceiling Fan


    Home Ventilation


    The motor of a regular fan can additionally heat rooms. Fortunately, you can turn any fan into a real air conditioner. Prepare a few bottles with water frozen inside or a container of ice and place it in front of the fan. The ice will circulate the cool air throughout the room.

    Cooling of Bedding

    • If your bedding is made of satin or synthetic materials, it is better to replace them with cotton or silk pillowcases. Cotton sheets absorb sweat well and cool the skin.
    • Wear pajamas made of cotton as they breathe better. You can also sleep without clothes.
    • Another way to cool your bed is to put your sheets and pillowcases in the refrigerator. Just spread all the cool bedding over the bed before you get into it.
    • Memory foam mattresses show high heat retention. They are good for winter, but not for summer. If you have such a mattress, you can buy a cotton mat and, after cooling it in the refrigerator, put it on the mattress.

    When you Have an Air Conditioner


    When you have an air conditioner is easy to make the space fresh fast, but it can also make you get cold quickly. Scientists say that the best temperature for sleeping is best at 64.4°F. So try to keep your rooms at this temperature. Many air conditioners have a night mode function. If your air-con does not have this feature, close all the windows and run the air conditioner for 2-3 hours with the coldest mode on. Then turn it off and check that the temperature is just right.

    What are your ways to keep your home cool?

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