How to Cool Drinks Quickly in the Summer?

    How to Cool Drinks Quickly in the Summer?

    How to Cool Drinks Quickly in the Summer?
    1:13 PM EDT, June 30, 2023, updated: 6:33 PM EDT, July 2, 2023

    There's nothing worse on a hot day than... warm drinks. Sometimes it just happens that you simply forget to put something in the refrigerator beforehand. How to quickly cool down drinks in the summer, so that they are cold in the shortest possible time? We have a simple trick for you today to tackle this.

    How to cool drinks quickly in the summer?

    Everyone is well aware that one of the best and easiest ways to quickly chill any drink is to throw it in the freezer. Or, as a last resort, into the refrigerator if we don't already have any better option. But many people have also noticed that drinks can be chilled in other ways as well. Among others, by wrapping the bottle of a particular beverage with a wet paper towel. This may be surprising to many people, but it actually works. Of course, it doesn't take a genius to combine these two ways. Here's a quick tutorial for those who need it. You'll be surprised how significant the difference in the temperature of the compared drinks will be.

    The paper towel trick

    Take a bottle of the drink you want to cool and wrap it in a towel. Then douse it with cold water in the kitchen sink.

    For comparison, you can take another bottle (without the towel) and put them both in the freezer or refrigerator for the same amount of time.

    Compare the bottles

    After 10-15 minutes, take out the drinks. You may notice just by touch that the one you didn't wrap in a wet paper towel is warmer, while the bottle wrapped in a wet towel is a few degrees colder.

    Add some salt

    According to many people, this is by far the best trick to cool drinks quickly in the summer, but it's worth adding one more thing to maximize the cooling effect of a wet towel. Drinks will cool even faster if you put some ... salt between the paper towel and the bottle. Its particles have properties that make it a great conductor in this case. And don't worry about the drink itself, it won't become saltier because of it.

    Below you can see in a video showing a comparison of cooling the drink without and with the help of a towel:

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