How to Convert an Old Sewing Machine? 7 Inspirations to Repurpose It

    How to Convert an Old Sewing Machine? 7 Inspirations to Repurpose It

    12:13 PM EDT, May 15, 2024

    You come across them at your grandparent’s place, in your aunt’s attic or simply get one dirt cheap at a flea market. The machines dating back to mid-20th century are very stylish and they match almost any interior. Fans of vintage will love them too, as they are a good way to add a pinch of variety into some modern interiors. How to convert an old sewing machine? Why don’t you have a look at our inspirations?

    How to convert an old sewing machine?

    The machines are heritage and artistry, often dating back to the first half of the 20th century. Stylish cast-iron basis and the top of the table you can easily replace look good in retro and Provence style interior. However, its final shape is up to you. If you play the cards right, the machine will look good everywhere.

    Dressing table

    This is what I came across at my friend’s house. She inherited the machine from her grandmother. The drawers store brushes, lipsticks and other accessories. She fixed a stylish mirror to the top of it and painted everything white chalk. She had some things upgraded by a carpenter of course. You must admit the final effect is stunning!


    A washbasin fixed onto an old sewing machine table is an interesting idea for a vintage bathroom. Before you decide to do it, remember to protect the wooden top against moist. You can also replace it with marble or granite one. Go for a rectangular basin and match it well with the top and the cast-iron support. Find out what supports will be best and how will they protect the basin against the tensions.

    A desk

    A bit of renovation and you can quickly turn the machine table into a desk where your kid can do the homework and you can work with your laptop, read a book or just store your cosmetics.

    Of course if the top is too small for you, you can replace it with a bigger one – everything depending on your needs. If the old machine table has got drawers, don’t give up on them. It’s a perfect stash for stationery or small electronic gadgets and accessories.

    A garden table

    Instead of collecting dust in the attic, the old sewing machine might be a perfect garden decoration. Candle holders, flower pots or tea cups – they will all look good on it. Of course you need to remember to impregnate it properly so that weather exposure doesn’t damage it. Also protect the cast-iron framework so that it won’t go rusty.

    Just a table

    You couldn’t find a perfect dining table for your dining room? How about replacing the top in the sewing machine table with a bigger one? Be careful – if the top is too large the whole structure might be a bit unstable.

    A hall table

    If this is your hall that calls for something appropriate, perhaps the old machine will match it? The drawers for the keys and a vase of flowers on the top. What do you think?

    A sewing machine as a … sewing machine!

    Of course repurposing the machine is not necessary! It’s original design has got enormous decorative potential that can be exposed, too. If you have enough space at home, why don’t you take this option into account, too?

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