How to Connect to WiFi Without Knowing the Password? There Is a Simple Way to Do It

    How to Connect to WiFi Without Knowing the Password? There Is a Simple Way to Do It

    How to Connect to WiFi Without Knowing the Password? There Is a Simple Way to Do It
    2:53 PM EDT, September 10, 2022

    Each of us has been in such a situation at some point. A friend dropped by and asked for WiFi credentials, and you were more than happy to help, but had no idea what password you had set. Fortunately, you can get around this problem. We will show you how to connect to WiFi without a password. It is trivially easy.

    How to Connect to WiFi Without a Password?

    There are many methods to do this, but we will only cover the simplest two, which anyone should be able to handle, using only their phone. This requires, of course, that it is already connected to WiFi. But usually everyone does this as soon as the Internet is connected in the apartment.

    Using QR Codes

    There are many apps and websites that allow you to share WiFi passwords using QR codes. What's more, nowadays many phones already have this feature built in. With it, all you have to do is show the QR code to your guests, and they can connect to the network by scanning it on their device. So far, the feature is available on all phones running Android 10 or later. And also on Samsung devices with OneUI.

    If you have one of those, go to your WiFi settings, tap on the WiFi network you are connected to and click the "share" button. You will then be shown a QR code that you need to scan to share the Internet with others. That's all you need to do! Can't get any easier, right?

    How to connect to wifi without a password, photo freepik
    How to connect to wifi without a password, photo freepik

    For those who do not have this feature on their phones, there is another solution. You can always download and install apps such as WiFi QR Code Generator, WiFiKeyShare and WiFi Easy from the Google Play Store. These apps will help you do the same thing in a very similar way.

    Additionally, you can also use sites like Qifi and XZing QR Generator to create codes online, on any device. This is by far the easiest and hassle-free way to share WiFi without sharing passwords.

    Sharing Nearby

    This is the second of the simple ways to share your network. It is very similar to the first one. Here, too, you must first connect to your WiFi network. Then click on it. In addition to the option that allows you to produce a QR code, you should see a "share nearby" option.

    Click on it. Now your friends among the options of WiFi networks they can potentially connect to should show that someone nearby is sharing the network. All they have to do is connect. It is worth noting that in slightly older Android models this option may not be available. Many people also point out that connecting via QR code is more secure in a place with a lot of people nearby.

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