How to Clean Your Beauty Blender? There Are 6 Easy Ways You Can Do It

    How to Clean Your Beauty Blender? There Are 6 Easy Ways You Can Do It

    6:16 AM EDT, August 11, 2020

    Beauty blender is our best friend when it comes to putting on make-up. However, at the end of the day we remove it. What about the beauty blender? How can you clean it? Take a look at a few ways this could be done and find out which is the most effective one.


    Ordinary soap. Beauty blender soaked in soapy water is the first way you can do it.


    A dedicated soap called Blendercleanser Solid’. There are also dedicated soaps to clean the sponges. You use them just like common soap. Soap the blender and wash it with running water.


    Olive oil and antibacterial soap. A cap of olive oil and a spoonful of the soap. Mix the ingredients and soak the sponge with it. Again, wash with running water.


    Blendercleanser liquid soap.


    Dr. Bronner’s soap is a natural product with several applications. One of them is of course cleaning beauty blenders.


    Johnson’s Baby soap. Many mothers have them in their bathrooms.

    The dedicated products are the most effective blender cleaners.

    Among the DIY ways, the mix of olive oil and antibacterial soap as well as natural ecological soap handle this very well, too.

    How to clean a beauty blender in an microwave oven?

    Apart from the above mentioned solutions, there is another way. And it is a pretty effective, if not the most effective one.

    This is how you can your beauty blender clean in the microwave:

    1. Pour water and some soap, preferably antibacterial, into a glass dish.

    2. Put the blender (or two) into the water.

    3. Wait until the sponges soak in the water or press them gently with your hands.

    4. Put the dish into the microwave for a minute.

    5. If necessary, leave it there for another minute.

    6. Take it out and wash with running water. Be careful – the water in the dish and the blender will be hot!

    How to dry a beauty blender?

    Once you clean it, it has to dry.

    Leave it in your room, as the bathroom might be a bit too humid.

    Put it on its tip onto a clean surface. I would not advise a towel, especially a used one.

    It can be the packaging it came into.

    Now that you know how to keep it clean, you can go on using it!

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