This Is How You Clean the White Soles of Your Shoes. The School Way Will Work Best

    This Is How You Clean the White Soles of Your Shoes. The School Way Will Work Best

    This Is How You Clean the White Soles of Your Shoes. The School Way Will Work Best
    3:29 PM EDT, September 3, 2022, updated: 5:26 PM EDT, September 3, 2022

    White soles of all kinds of shoes get dirty extremely quickly. On the other hand, cleaning them requires a lot of effort. How to clean white soles of shoes? There are homemade patents for this.

    How Not to Dry Shoes?

    Before cleaning the soles of your shoes, you need to keep a rule in mind. Never expose clean shoes to the sun. The heat and rays of the sun will cause yellow discoloration to appear on the white parts, as well as stains.

    How to Clean a White Rubber Sole?

    Clean white shoe soles, photo by Unsplash.
    Clean white shoe soles, photo by Unsplash.

    The easiest way is to use soapy water or dishwashing liquid. Soak a cloth with the solution. Then wipe the soles with it and let them dry.

    Washing Sports Shoes With White Rubber Soles.

    Usually white soles have sports shoes. A brush or dry toothbrush is enough to remove dust and dirt. On the other hand, for more stubborn stains an ordinary school eraser will also do the magic. Be sure to choose a white color eraser and dryly start removing stains and any dirt.

    How to Clean the White Sole of Shoes?

    White shoe soles, photo by Unsplash.
    White shoe soles, photo by Unsplash.

    Of course, baking soda is also indispensable for washing soles. Mix it with water and a little hydrogen peroxide. Apply such a paste to the soles. Then wrap your shoes in cling film and set aside for about 20 minutes. After this time, remove the foil and with a brush lightly scrub the still dirtiest areas. Finally, wash off the paste with water.

    Cleaning White Soles With Toothpaste.

    Toothpaste works wonders. It has abrasive as well as whitening properties and effectively removes stains and lightens discolorations. Apply a bit of white toothpaste to a cloth or brush and proceed to clean your soles. You will see the results very quickly.

    Secondly, instead of toothpaste, you can use BHP paste. It is great for dealing with tough dirt. It will successfully remove any greasy stains and, most importantly, it is completely safe for your hands.

    How to Clean White Shoe Soles With Bathroom Cleaner.

    Bathroom cleaner has everything you need to clean white shoe soles. Apply the cleaner to the soles and scrub them with a sponge or brush. That's it.

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