There Is a Button in the Oven Door. Most People Don’t Know How Useful It Is

    There Is a Button in the Oven Door. Most People Don’t Know How Useful It Is

    5:13 PM EDT, June 3, 2024

    How do you remove the glass from an oven door? Not many people know that manufacturers have hidden a button that allows you to remove it. With this feature, cleaning the oven is much easier!

    How do you remove the glass from an oven door?

    The hardest part is cleaning the glass, which is dirty and steamed up on the inside. Food residue makes it look dirty even after thorough washing the oven. The thing is that most ovens have a secret button that allows you to remove it. Most people don't even know about this option. Instead of pressing a cloth in between the two panes of glass, you can simply remove the inner layer.

    First, swing out the hooks located at the base of the door. Then remove the strip from the top of the door and pull out the freed glass. The design of the strikers may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, the idea is the same. Just look for the online version of the manual for your oven. This is where you will find the exact information on how to safely remove the glass. Most people don't read manuals, so they have no idea this could be done like that!

    Cleaning the inside of the oven

    A dirty oven is the nightmare of many people who love to bake and cook. Dried food residues, grease or stains can be removed, although not without difficulty. However, there are home remedies that do not require scrubbing burnt oven surface.

    How to remove the glass from the oven door and how to clean it? The Soda Trick

    Put baking soda into a bowl and pour half the amount of water. Mix it all so that a thick paste is formed. Spread this mixture on the oven glass.

    To enhance the effect you can use vinegar. Pour it into a spray bottle and splash it over the spread. The whole thing will start to foam and work again. Wait until there are no more bubbles and rinse with a wet cloth. All the grease and dirt should come off together with the baking soda.

    How do you wash the oven glass with ammonia?

    Unfortunately, it is not a natural way, but it will handle heavily stained windows. It should not be used for everyday cleaning as it is a substance for rather ‘special’ tasks.

    Remember to wear protective gloves when using ammonia. It is also safest to make sure the room is well ventilated or to open the windows. Open the oven door "flat" and line it with paper towels.

    Spray the whole thing with ammonia and leave it on for 30-40 minutes. After that time, pick up the towels (with gloves) and throw them away. And wipe the glass with a wet cloth.

    Have you got your own ways of dealing with dirty ovens?
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