How to Clean the Nozzles on a Gas Stove? It Is Simple and Does Not Require Any Specialized Equipment

    How to Clean the Nozzles on a Gas Stove? It Is Simple and Does Not Require Any Specialized Equipment

    6:28 PM EDT, September 2, 2022

    It has probably happened to everyone reading this article that sometimes the burners of a gas stove did not burn evenly.

    What could be the cause of this? Usually it's all because of clogged nozzles. Today you will learn how to clean the nozzles on a gas stove and solve the problem!

    The burners on a gas stove are exposed to frequent flooding and constant contact with food. Liquids are deposited on them, as well as food residues. Few people want to clean the stove immediately after cooking dinner. We usually just put it off. As a result, the burner elements (including the nozzles) are in danger of clogging. The culprit, of course, is dried food and liquids (e.g. from boiling dishes).

    What does an uneven flame in a gas stove mean?

    When you notice that you have difficulty igniting the burners and/or they burn unevenly, it's a sign that the nozzles are clogged. They are the ones responsible for the supply of gas to the stove. In that case, it is essential to clean the nozzles. If this does not solve the problem, then you will have to replace them with new ones.


    Cleaning the nozzles with a piece of wire

    First, disconnect the gas supply to the stove (for safety reasons). Then wipe off any liquid that may be on it. Remove the lid and crown of the burner. Then you will see a small screw in the body of the burner. This is actually the nozzle. Unscrew it with a socket wrench number 8. Clean it by wiping it with a copper wire. A single wire from an ordinary wire brush will also work well for this purpose. When you see a clearance in the nozzle, this is a sign that it has been cleaned well and you can screw it in again. If this procedure does not help, replace the nozzles with new ones.

    To i Owo/youtube
    To i Owo/youtube

    Cleaning burners with vinegar

    To prevent clogged nozzles, clean your stove every day. You can easily wash dirty burners with vinegar. Boil vinegar with water in a ratio of 3:1. Put the burners into the hot solution and wait until the liquid cools completely. Then take the burners out of the vinegar. If some dirt remains on them, remove it with a brush or sponge.

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