A Few Tips on How to Clean China with Tea Stains

    A Few Tips on How to Clean China with Tea Stains

    A Few Tips on How to Clean China with Tea Stains
    1:20 AM EDT, August 16, 2022, updated: 3:57 PM EDT, August 19, 2022

    A very common problem is that when brewing black tea, a brown residue remains on the porcelain cup or mug. How to clean porcelain after tea?

    Where Does the Residue on China Cups After Drinking Tea Comes From?

    Water is to blame for everything. After brewing tea and waiting several minutes, you will notice a brownish deposit on the walls of the cup. It is not harmful, and is formed by the reaction of calcium (present in water) with oxalates (found in tea). As a rule, hard water, that is, water rich in calcium, flows in our taps. It is responsible for the formation of sediment and brown spots, which are difficult to remove later.

    Unsplash / Kira auf der Heide
    Unsplash / Kira auf der Heide

    How to remove sediment from porcelain using lemon juice?

    Lemon juice for bleaching properties. Apply it to the stains and wait 30-60 minutes. It all depends on the intensity of the stain. After this time, wash the cup or cup.

    How to Get Rid of Deposits Using Baking Soda?

    When the discoloration is very intense or already quite old, then reach for baking soda. Make a thick paste of it and water. Then apply it to the stains and wait 15-30 minutes. After this time you can gently spread the paste with a sponge. You have to be quite careful with baking soda, as it can damage the painted ornaments.

    How to Clean Porcelain After Tea With a Dishwasher Capsule?

    If you have a dishwasher, remember you wouldn't want to put your china cups in it. However, you can use the power of capsules to wash dishes in the dishwasher. For this, it is better to wear gloves, because dishwasher tablets have many strong compounds that can irritate the skin.

    Just dissolve the capsule on your stained porcelain by pouring a little water over it. Alternatively, you can dissolve the capsule separately in a bowl and use a sponge to apply the pap to the porcelain, rubbing it gently. This can work wonders. Especially in the case of tea deposits in cups.


    How to Care For Porcelain Cups?

    Success to remove sediment is quick action. The longer you delay it, the more likely it is that brown or yellow marks will already be permanently left on the cups. Wash the dishes using a mild liquid and a soft sponge. Cups that are devoid of decorations and paintings can usually be washed in the dishwasher.

    Porcelain should be stored in cabinets or display cases. Do not expose it to sunlight. In addition, do not place it close to the stove or other heat sources, as it could become discolored. And importantly, don't keep the tableware near food, as the porcelain will soak up its odor.

    We hope this helps you to make cleaning china after tea easier!!

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