How to Choose the Most Suitable Floor Lamp for Your Home

    How to Choose the Most Suitable Floor Lamp for Your Home

    How to Choose the Most Suitable Floor Lamp for Your Home
    2:00 AM EDT, August 3, 2021, updated: 2:01 PM EDT, August 11, 2021

    The long evenings are particularly ideal for enjoying a book, although true book lovers can immerse themselves in reading for hours at a time of day. The latest guide was made just for them, because the matter of finding the right lighting is somehow a subject of uncertainty when it comes to be kind to the eyes. Here's how to pick the correct lamp so that one can read comfortably and the eyes don't get irritated easily!


    Relaxing Corner with Comfortable Dim Light : Pick the Perfect Shade

    Good lighting with adequate intensity is essential for the reading corner in the living room, bedroom. It may even help you to eliminate headaches, if you suffer from those often. Discomfort whilst reading is the typically effects of an eyestrain, so do yourself a favor and spare it your eyesight. A floor lamp can make a lot of difference, and it's only up to you what the change will ultimately be. Dangers of poorly chosen light add up to neck, back, and shoulder strain. Furthermore, improper lighting can make it difficult to make appropriate hazard assessment.

    Choose a Lamp With an Adjustable Arm

    Floor lamps are great for reading corners mainly because they are functional and can provide ideal conditions for reading books. It is not only their height that is out of the ordinary, but also the design that manufacture predetermines to make them. Do you know what uplighter lamps with adjustable shades or removable arms are good for? Both of these models give you the possibility to adjust the intensity, direction and angle of light. So you may ask yourself, what's s nice about them? They are flexible in management and perfectly blend in any decor . If you are looking for a good reading light, take it into account direct glare and indirect glare. Indirect glare occurs when bright light is reflected from a nearby surface into the reader's eyes.

    Adjust the Light Intensity - Regular Fluorescent Lamps Work Differently Than LED Bulbs

    Another thing that will need your attention on the way of searching for the perfect reading lamp is the intensity and color of the light emitted. Be aware of the fact that ordinary vivid color lamps are less durable and work differently than eco-friendly LED bulbs. The best lamps are those that give off a color temperature of 3300-5300K, which is neutral. Those floor lamps are ideal for both reading and working, so you can also put them in your home office without any worries. Traditional bulbs in uplighter lamps should have a power of 40W, and those made in LED technology 400-450 lumens (5W).


    Glass Shaded Lamps & Shielded Lamps That Open From The Bottom - The Best For Reading Books

    No single type of light fixture is appropriate in every situation. Wondering which floor lamps create the best atmosphere for reading? Have no doubt, that models with glass shades and shielded from the bottom up are the most suitable. Especially the transparent one, it lets the light through very well, while lampshades direct its stream downwards, meaning towards a newspaper or a book. They come in many different shapes and colors so you should have no problem finding a lamp that matches both your armchair and your room's decor. Diffusers are translucent or semi-transparent covers made usually of glass or plastic. Louvers are baffles that shield the bulb from view and reflect light. The baffles can be contoured to control light and decrease brightness.


    Does the Placement of a Floor Lamp Matters Where is Stands? Yes, It Turns Out it Does

    The source of light shouldn't stand too far from an armchair or chaise longue or be covered by the backrest, your head or your body in general. It is best to place it at a distance of 11-15inch from the seat, because exactly the same amount of lamp should be above the newspaper or book you are reading. Floor lamps can be from 4 to 6 feet high, which means that the model you choose should be adjusted to your individual needs and the size of your interior. Lamps with regulation and extension arms, mentioned earlier, will be helpful in this respect.

    A Lamp Left on Floor Next to an Armchair Will Need a Bit More Space Than Just a Simple Table Lamp or a Desk Lamp.

    The great advantage of such a solution, however, is mobility and the possibility to move the lighting fixture to any place where it will have free access to a socket. Floor lamps can be both a practical addition and decoration of the interior, if only you take care of their beautiful appearance. In the offer of manufacturers now there is no shortage of original models that delight unusual design and sophisticated aesthetics.

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