How to Arrange a Small Kitchen? 17 Fantastic Inspirations

    How to Arrange a Small Kitchen? 17 Fantastic Inspirations

    6:53 PM EDT, May 17, 2024

    Kitchen is the central part of every house. It is not only a place where you prepare your family meals, but this is also where you talk together or even receive your guests. That is why it needs to be functional and at the same time nice and cosy. Is it possible to combine these having a limited floor area?

    Have a look at a few ideas that may help you find a functional solution for your small kitchen.

    #1 A round sink with a sliding dish drainer and chopping board

    #2 A small kitchen can be really cosy

    #3 Sliding cabinets will provide storage room for spices and foods

    #4 A kitchen island with built-in seats and a table for family meetings

    #5 Recycling dustbins in a drawer

    #6 What about a tap over the cooker? Pouring water into the pasta pot will be so much easier now. Of course you can’t get rid of the standard sink

    #7 A great way to store all vegetables in one place

    #8 Minimalist chairs are an interesting alternative for small rooms. What about those with wire backrests? Such chairs look as if they didn’t occupy too much space

    #9 There are ways to use the corner cabinets properly / /

    #10 A kitchen island with the pet bowls inside

    #11 What would you say to corner drawers?  / /

    #12 A sink with a dishwasher so close together that all your dishes are at hand

    #13 A slide-out socket in the kitchen top helping you cook on the kitchen island

    #14 A built-in ice maker with your favourite drinks right at hand

    #15 A dish drainer watering the plants

    #16 Drawers stashed in drawers – a great idea for extra space for your cutlery

    #17 A simple way to protect fragile items inside the drawer. Insert long wooden pins in the right place and that’s it / /
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