Designing Hints to Arrange a Long and Narrow Hall

    Designing Hints to Arrange a Long and Narrow Hall

    Designing Hints to Arrange a Long and Narrow Hall
    6:42 PM EDT, May 19, 2021, updated: 7:38 PM EDT, May 19, 2021

    Hall is a kind of a passage room. As a result, it doesn’t get as much attention as other parts of the house when it is being designed. It is often long and narrow so sooner or later we begin to wonder how to make the best of its potential. We hope that this gallery of photos will inspire you to give your hall a new face.

    White, white and once again white

    This is the easiest way to make a small and dark hall look much bigger and brighter. Good lighting, of course, can’t be ignored, especially when the door does not let in too much light. The fitted carpet makes it look cosy and thanks to it doesn’t feel too ‘sterile’

    Shades of grey and silver

    Some people can’t put up with pure white. The alternative is to break it with some subtle grey colours with shiny silver accessories. If we want to put anything in the hall, let it be some very subtle, delicate or even fragile-looking elements. Dark massive furniture is not recommended at all.


    Colours and asymmetric patterns ideally disturb the narrow and rectangular shape of the hall. Small and delicate ones are recommended. You need quite a lot of good taste not to fall into kitsch, though

    The floor

    Typical checked floor gives each hall a bit more clean-cut expression. Of course we are talking about full gloss only – it needs to reflect as much light as possible. Small beige accessories and window frame of the same colour add extra warmth. Fancy more of a classic look? Moulding on the walls and door frames will do for sure.

    Sliding-door wardrobes

    The hall is a perfect place for wardrobes with sliding door. They are available in such a wide variety, that you will find something suitable for sure. No matter what colour your wall is, your wardrobe will match

    Photo exhibition

    Photos make a fantastic decoration of each hall. It might be a real art gallery. Cold colours of the walls together with white door frames are good balance for the floor of natural wood colour.


    Colourful accessories and appropriate number of tiny details will work with tiny halls lacking expression. Just like these small round mirrors.


    Arches beneath the ceiling break the impression of excessively tall room, especially in old houses.


    Another element that can disturb the undesired impression of lengthy hall. Additional columns and original ceiling are worthwhile, too.

    Glazed door

    Natural light is the best possible advantage for a small room. In this case it is a colourful mosaic.

    Welcome to the palace

    A huge mirror in a golden frame, candle holders and ornaments on the door frame

    Wall panelling

    Chessboard floor, glazed door and unique subtle wall panelling, together with white walls. It is enough to give your hall a lot of appeal.

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