How to Alleviate a Sunburn? A Woman Discovered an Effective Way. In 15 Minutes the Pain Was Gone!

    How to Alleviate a Sunburn? A Woman Discovered an Effective Way. In 15 Minutes the Pain Was Gone!

    How to Alleviate a Sunburn? A Woman Discovered an Effective Way. In 15 Minutes the Pain Was Gone!
    3:42 AM EDT, July 23, 2022, updated: 3:09 PM EDT, July 30, 2022

    In the summer, thirsty for the sun, we joyfully go out into the fresh air and expose our skin. For owners of fair skin this usually does not end happily. After a few hours, the skin turns red and starts to foam. How to alleviate a sunburn?


    Usually quite unconventional measures turn out to be the best. One woman shared on social media an interesting method to help with sunburn. The woman learned it from her husband, as his mother used it on a daily basis during hot days.

    Trik With Shaving Foam


    Cindie has sensitive skin and no matter how often she applies sunscreen, it always becomes baked like cancer. Once, at her husband's insistence, she bought a shaving foam with menthol and generously applied it to her burned back. At first she felt a slight itch, and after 30 minutes relief came. The cream began to dissolve slightly, and she felt a pleasant coolness all over her body. Then she removed the remains of the foam with cool water. Cindie repeated the whole treatment the next day and the burns disappeared. This method really works!

    Menthol for Burned Skin


    Her Facebook post raised a lot of interest and it turned out that this way of fighting sunburn, even dermatologists recommend. Nowadays you can buy foams without parabens, silicones, alcohol or mineral oils, which will only irritate your already inflamed skin. In the store you will get products designed for sensitive skin. They contain glycerin, panthenol and aloe vera. These ingredients have a soothing effect and promote tissue regeneration. Menthol is responsible for instant cooling. On the other hand, oat extract moisturizes and also soothes reddened skin.

    Interestingly, thanks to the shaving foam, you will avoid the stage when the skin peels and comes off in whole patches. Nevertheless, before going out in the sun, take every precaution and never stay out in the sun too long. Make friends with a head covering, a bottle of water and shade.

    If you didn't already know how to alleviate a sunburn, now you know.

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