Count the Colors in the Picture and Find Out How You Perceive Colors. A Truly Fascinating Test!

    Count the Colors in the Picture and Find Out How You Perceive Colors. A Truly Fascinating Test!

    5:57 PM EDT, May 20, 2022

    In fact we all differ as far as the number of colors detected is concerned. If you want to check which group you belong to, quickly do the test below!


    Color sensitivity

    Some people can differentiate between several shades of blue. For others, sapphire blue and cornflower blue both look the same. How come that we cannot see the world in the same colors?

    It all boils down to cone cells – photoreceptor cells in the retinas of our eyes. Normally people have got 3 kinds of cones which enable us to see colors as long as the environment is properly illuminated. Their number affects the number of colors of visible spectrum of light that we can differentiate.

    A rainbow test

    Dr Diana Derval ( a scientist specializing in human behavior and preferences) has designed a color test thanks to which we can find out how many kinds of cone cells we have got in our eyes.

    Fewer than 20

    You are dichromatic. It means that you have only two kinds of cone cells on your retina. 25% of global population are estimated to belong to this dichromatic group, and so are dogs. You are also likely to like beige, black and blue.

    20 to 32 shades

    Just like 50% of people, you are trichromatic. You have got 3 kinds of cone cells.

    33 – 39 shades

    You are tetrachromatic. On your retina there are as many as four kinds of cone cells. Most likely you don’t like yellow as it irritates you. 25% of the world are tetrachromatic. Just like bees.

    More than 39 colors

    If you see more than 39 colors in the picture, it means you are more sensitive to contrast than to colors.

    How many shades did you manage to see in the picture?
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