This Is How IKEA Deals with Petty Thievery. The Thief Can Be Identified from a Few Meters Away!

    This Is How IKEA Deals with Petty Thievery. The Thief Can Be Identified from a Few Meters Away!

    2:09 AM EDT, August 16, 2022, updated: 3:05 PM EDT, August 24, 2022

    The company, which for many is a symbol of Sweden (although it has long ceased to belong to the Swedes. It is now a company… Dutch), has a very unusual method for people with "sticky hands." IKEA's secret safeguards against thieves are no longer as mysterious as they might seem. They amuse some to tears, others amaze. But they work!

    Theft Precaution? But What Kind of Security it is?

    Some time ago, IKEA had a rather serious problem that it wasn't very good at solving at first. Its stores took a liking to all sorts of theft prevention. But they were not primarily stealing the furniture that the iconic company sells.

    As it's not hard to imagine, the furniture is mostly so large that it's difficult to smuggle it through the cash registers and out of the store so that no one catches on to the procedure. And carrying out a few pieces of cabinetry or a bed wasn't very attractive to anyone either. So it wasn't the furniture in the first place that tempted the thieves.

    “How About Robbing … a Mannequin?”

    As it turned out, the thieves found it easiest to steal parts of… displays. As we all know, various corners in IKEA stores are sometimes arranged in such a way as to resemble as closely as possible a real apartment or a real room. That's why various everyday items are placed there, and sometimes there are also inserted fully dressed mannequins. Or at least a handbag thrown into a corner, or shoes placed on a shelf. It is these things that have long been the most attractive targets for thieves.

    This Is How IKEA’s Secret Security Measures Against Thieves Were Developed.

    The hard heads at IKEA headquarters thought for a long time how to deal with these thefts. And finally someone came up with a simple yet brilliant idea.

    All items that are part of the exhibition are henceforth perforated. This applies especially to handbags, shoes, clothes, but also other items. Thanks to this, the number of their thefts has significantly decreased - because they are useless to the person who picks at them. Well, unless someone doesn't mind walking around with a handbag that has a strange hole on one side.

    Have you ever noticed this in IKEA?

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