How Baking Soda Can Help in Your Garden

    How Baking Soda Can Help in Your Garden

    3:01 PM EDT, April 27, 2021, updated: 6:39 PM EDT, April 27, 2021

    We have written all so many times about baking soda here. Not only does it work in the kitchen, but it also helps us clean more easily. It turns out, however, that we can also make use of this substance in the garden. Few know that, but as a matter of fact thanks to baking soda our plants can be more beautiful, healthier and safe from the pests. Here are some magical tricks you can do with baking soda in your garden.

    Garden applications of baking soda – things you should know

    You need to know that baking soda is safe for you, your pets and the environment. You don’t have to worry when you use it in the garden or inside for your potted plants. What also matters is its availability – you can find it in almost any grocery or supermarket. As if that was not enough, it is dirt cheap. Isn’t it surprising then that you can use it to replace several chemical agents?

    #1 Cleans leaves

    If you want to remove dust from your favourite plants, wash them with water and a pinch of soda. Repeat it from time to time, especially when you notice that dust begins to accumulate on your plants. Usually the procedure is enough for a couple of weeks. It prevents the dust from accumulating and also protect your plants against pests and fungus.

    #2 Fertiliser for your plants

    We have mentioned Epsom salt a few times, too. If you can’t buy it, you can replace it with baking soda. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to 3,5 – 4 litres of water. Use the solution to water your plants once a week and their roots will be soon much stronger.

    #3 Fighting pests

    Thanks to baking soda you will quickly do away with the aphid and spider mite. You can also use soda to fight stains on your leaves and fungus-caused disease. All you need to prepare is a solution of a teaspoon of soda and a litre of warm water. Stir it and add a few drops of washing-up liquid. Stir it again and either wash the leaves with it or pour it into a spray bottle and spray it all over the leaves. Repeat it every three or four days.

    #4 Pot cleaning trick

    Old plant pots are usually dirty and they have lots of whitish residue of hard water, fertilizers and other chemical substances. If you want to get rid of them, pour a lot of soda into the pot and then scrub it well with a wet cloth. Finally wash the pot and let it dry.

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