11 Hotel Secrets That Hardly Anyone Knows About. The Staff Will Not Tell You About Them

    11 Hotel Secrets That Hardly Anyone Knows About. The Staff Will Not Tell You About Them

    11 Hotel Secrets That Hardly Anyone Knows About. The Staff Will Not Tell You About Them
    7:26 AM EDT, August 21, 2021, updated: 3:51 PM EDT, August 21, 2021

    When coming to a chosen hotel we usually get a soft bed, fresh bedding, a thoroughly cleaned bathroom and a smiling receptionist. This type of facilities live intensely around the clock and their employees have their secrets. Some of them (e.g. maids or managers) are happy to share them. Get to know the hotel's secrets.


    Germs Competition

    The most bacteria in the room are not on the toilet bowl. The real habitat of germs is the remote control for the TV, light switches, handles, bed headrests.

    Some of the equipment in the rooms are washed more often, and others less often. Usually bedding and bedspreads are washed once a week and plates and coffee machines are cleaned daily. Curtains are washed once a year.


    Before the arrival of new guests, the maids refresh the previously cleaned room a bit. Furniture is polished with paste, and the toilet is filled with fragrance. All this to give the guest the impression that the room has been cleaned literally a moment before his arrival.

    In UV light you can see stains that you cannot see with the naked eye. The test shown in the video shows the danger of not cleaning the room properly…

    Coffee & Microwave

    In order to motivate guests to order breakfast, the hotel employee always makes coffee in the morning. Its smell spreads over all rooms and every sleeper immediately feels hungry.

    Some small facilities do not have a kitchen and catering facilities. In this case, the guest can only count on an electric kettle and microwave oven in the room.


    Free instant coffee in sachets and tea in bags, which is located in the rooms, are the cheapest goods you can find on the market. Their quality is questionable. You have to pay for good quality coffee.

    Hotel's Free of Charge Stuff

    If you see a sign in the hotel that says no smoking is allowed, then actually such a ban applies. Lighting up a cigarette (outside the designated places) will activate the smoke detectors.


    Hotel owners can place cameras only in corridors, halls and public places. They cannot be installed in rooms and toilets.

    Often, hotels offer certain services for free. Most often there is access to a dryer, printer or free cosmetics and slippers. It is worth asking about it at the reception.

    Leading Us Blind?

    A large number of guests believe that most often it is managers and hotel owners who write reviews about their facilities. Some probably actually do so. That is why you should always read reviews on Booking and Airbnb portals. A guest can add them (along with photos) only after checking out of the hotel.


    The so-called overbooking is a common phenomenon in hotels. It occurs at the moment when more rooms are sold than a given facility actually has them. It is a kind of security because usually, someone cancels the reservation. However, if all guests arrive, the hotel takes the blame for overbooking and offers certain bonuses to "oversized" customers (free meal, accommodation in a friendly facility or a room of a higher standard at a lower price). All this is to please the guest and make sure they will come to the hotel again.


    What other secrets do you know about hotel staff? Be sure to let us know in the commentary.

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