5 Common Mistakes Gardeners Make during Hot Summer Weather

    5 Common Mistakes Gardeners Make during Hot Summer Weather

    4:31 PM EDT, July 6, 2024

    Lawn care during hot weather is extremely important. Many people make a lot of mistakes at that time, which will make the green flower bed not cope with high temperatures. What mistakes to avoid and how to properly care for your lawn?

    During hot weather, all garden plants languish a bit. Their leaves begin to wither, petals gradually fall off, and yellowed patches of scorched grass appear in front of the house. What to do in such a situation? Here are 5 mistakes made by gardeners during the hot summer. Be sure to try to avoid them.


    #1 Placing Flower Pots in Full Sun

    Excessive sun is deadly for plants. Therefore, those grown in pots necessarily move to a shady place. On the other hand, over the flower pots you can spread a simple beach parasole to shield them from the scorching sun.

    #2 Mow the Lawn

    During hot weather, don't mow the grass. Although it may seem strange, but the lawn mower generates heat, which puts additional stress on the grass. After mowing, the grass immediately needs a dose of water as the blades strive to grow.

    #3 Planting Flowers and Shrubs

    During hot weather, absolutely do not make new plantings or trim plants. This practice will only raise the soil temperature, and the plants will even have to fight for survival.

    #4 Watering at the Wrong Time


    Don't do it between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. That's when the sun bakes the strongest and the water deposited on the leaves can only cause them to burn. It's best to water your garden and lawn by 8 am or only in the late evening. It is important not to sprinkle water on the leaves and stems. It should only go onto the soil.

    #5 Overwatering

    When it doesn't rain for a long time, then water the lawn once a week. When doing so, be careful not to flood it. It turns out that during hot weather, about 22 liters of water for each square meter of lawn is enough. In addition, during a drought, the soil often becomes hard. This makes it difficult for water to penetrate the soil. To prevent this, try to aerate the lawn. Use spiked shoes or an aerator for this purpose.

    Lawn care during hot weather is not difficult. What's your technique?

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