6 Uses for Dishwasher Tablets. They Clean More Than Just Dirty Dishes

Did you know that you can wash more than just dishes in your dishwasher? You can wash baseball caps in it, disinfect your child’s toys and even pasteurize canned goods! But the dishwasher isn’t the only thing that has surprising uses. It turns out that cleaning capsules can also be used in 6 other ways that are not just for the dishwasher!

Are you curious about what you can do with them?

#1 Toilet


Dishwasher tablets will effectively replace toilet cleaner. All you need to do is drop one capsule into the bowl. After 15 minutes, scrub the inside of the toilet and drain the water.

#2 Oven

Surely you’d use the oven more in pre-holiday season, or perhaps you are a regular home made bread baker & delicious cakes? In that case is a good idea to clean well before ahead. If your oven is dirty and burnt on will not give you good results, you can clean it by dissolving one dishwasher tablet in warm water. It should take 10-15 minutes to dissolve it, after that time wet a sponge or cloth in the mixture and clean the oven.

#3 Washing Machine


We’ve written about the fact that dishwasher capsules can also be used in the washing machine more than once, but this method is worth a reminder. Just put 2 tablets into the drum of your washing machine and set the machine to 140 ° F. This trick will make your washing machine clean and the bad smell of humidity will disappear.

#4 Burnt Pots


Are you one of those people who loves casseroles or warm lasagna? When preparing these dishes, it is very common for our heatproof dishes to get burnt. To get rid of the stains easily, put 1 dishwasher tablet in the pot and fill the dish with warm or hot water. Let the pot sit for at least an hour (several hours or overnight for better results). After this, pour out the mixture and rinse the dish with hot water.

#5 Dirty Walls


Take a capsule and dissolve it in 3.5 liters of warm water. Then take a sponge or cloth, dip it in the mixture and clean the walls. You will quickly remove paintings from pens as well as scratches.

#6 Garden Furniture


Dirty and dusty patio furniture can be easily cleaned using dishwasher capsules. These little tablets will even clean up dried-on bird droppings! Dissolve the capsule in hot water, wear rubber gloves and scrub the furniture.


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