11 Uncommon Ways You Can Use Baking Paper

Naturally baking paper immediately makes you think of cakes. In fact, its potential goes far beyond that. That is why it is definitely one of the most useful kitchen accessories.

#1 Crystal clean faucet

It is not one of the dreams not to come true. Your kitchen and bathroom faucets can all look factory new, no matter how long you have used them. All you need to do is to wash it and wipe it with baking paper. The wax layer on the paper will make all the water stains or greasy fingerprints disappear.

11 Uncommon Ways You Can Use Baking Paper

#2 Cleaning the floor


Yes, I know it might sound insane to you at first. Still, baking paper does come in handy when you want to clean your floors.

Fix a sheet of the paper onto the mop and protect it with sellotape. Then clean the floor. All the dust and dirt will be gone in a blink of an eye!

#3 Cleaning tin openers


Just wipe the blade of the gadget with baking paper. Not only will you clean it, but at the same time you will prevent it from going blunt. Two in one!

# Pouring dry products


Kitchen is a place where dry powdery things like flour, sugar or rice are poured from one place to another. If you want this process to go smooth and easy, make a tube of baking paper and then just pour the stuff through it. Problem solved!

#5 Baking paper as shelf cover


Put in onto kitchen cabinet and refrigerator shelves. When things get spilled, all you do is replace the sheet of paper with a clean one. There will be no need to clean the whole refrigerator or cabinet.

11 Uncommon Ways You Can Use Baking Paper
#6 Protecting chopping boards


Baking paper will also prove useful when you process meat on a chopping board. In much the same way as above, cleaning the board will be so much easier.

#7 Top kitchen cabinets


We have talked about the floors, let’s move on to analyze top kitchen cabinets. If they do not adhere to the ceiling, they will get dusty and greasy very soon. At the same time keeping them clean on regular basis will be really difficult.
Once again, spreading baking paper sheets all along the cabinet tops will do the trick. Don’t forget to change them every couple of weeks!

#8 Crumb cakes


If you find it hard to put a crumb cake (or any cake that is fragile when moved) baking cake will also come to your rescue.
On an empty kitchen top spread the paper. Then put the dough on it and another layer of paper. Use the rolling pin to form the bottom layer of the cake. Then remove the top paper sheet and put the dough onto the baking tray. Remove the other sheet and that’s it! Everything in one piece!

#9 Soft butter

11 Uncommon Ways You Can Use Baking Paper

Now that we are talking about baking, there is a way you can use baking paper to soften butter almost instantly. Just like above, you need two sheets of baking paper.

#10 DIY confectionery sleeve

Are you working on a birthday cake a and you don’t know how to decorate it as the confectionery sleeve is gone? It’s not the end of the world at all!

#11 Opening wine


If you want to open the wine again later on, wrap the paper round the cork and cork the bottle. Remember that a piece of the paper has to stick out.

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