28 Nightmare Kitchen Designs That Really Exist

There are many possible endings of your kitchen redecoration. It all depends on whether it is an old place or a new one in a flat previously inhabited by somebody else. Either way, there are so many surprising examples. You will be shocked when you see some of them!

#1 This one has already gone viral. The toilet in the kitchen and the cooker under the window sill…

#2 I have no words…

#3 Finally something for all my Tupperware containers!

#4 Once they get divorced, the first thing to be updated will be the kitchen

#5 I just want to know what the story of this kitchen is

#6 House supporting structure as an integral part of kitchen interior design

#7 Madness, madness, madness…

#8 If you can’t afford a real Lamborghini, why not have one like this?

#9 This is what a practical kitchen does NOT look like

#10 Have you seen an open-space kitchen comparable to this one before?

#11 Fancy a kitchen counter like this?

#12 I think there is still some room for two cabinets

#13 Kitchen and bathroom in one

#14 Can you see something peculiar on the cabinets?

#15 The experts haven’t specified what style exactly it is

#16 Feeling dizzy?

#17 Now that we have arranged the cooker let’s move on

#18 Kitchen counter with a children skull cracking option

#19 Nobody knows what was first – the kitchen or the bath

#20 The shape of this kitchen table gives me shivers

#21 Once you switch on the light inside the fridge, why not switch it off in the kitchen?

#22 You never know when nature calls you

#23 This is what happens when an old kitchen wants to keep up with the modern

#24 And now just the shower curtains and my privacy is safe!

#25 I am not sure if such pillars are an ornament or…

#26 I guess somebody was a little bit careless with the dimensions

#27 Yes. That is a shower. Yes, it’s next to the sink

#28 Kitchen and laundry. Laundry and kitchen. Free space in the washing machine? Put the pans there!

Do you still think that designing a practical and beautiful kitchen is easy?

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