9 examples of how the colour of cabinet doors can change old kitchen

We all pay a lot of attention to what our kitchen looks like. We would like it to be functional and beautiful. Sometimes, all you need to do is to repaint the cabinets unless, of course, you want to introduce some major changes.

Leaving aside changes that call for substantial financial contribution, I would like to show you how the colour of cabinet doors might affect our kitchens. Of course we all know that once you decide to paint the cabinets, some other changes come along. Be that the kitchen counter or the walls. Then it might be a little bit difficult whether it was just the cabinet colour that did the job. Anyway, have a look at the gallery showing some kitchen makeovers. No matter your taste, I am sure you will find something just for you!

#1 Another cabinet colour, the arrangement of utensils and the island

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#2 In case of many makeovers it is only the colour of the cabinet doors that is changed. Here it is white.

#3 Painting the cabinets and replacing chairs with stools was enough for the kitchen to change its image.

#4 Another example of makeover with white as the predominant factor. Of course the kitchen counter plays important role, too

#5 New kitchen in two colours. Additional shelf under the cabinets also looks original

#6 Once again white makeover. Do you think it looks better now?

#7 Colour evolution continued. The brighter furniture in the photos looks better, doesn’t it?

#8 It’s not that I am trying to bring you round the brighter point of view, but apparently most makeovers are about the brown – white transition

#9 What do you think about a white kitchen?

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