21 Revolutionary Lamps. Stylish and Modern, They Take Lighting Standards to the Next Level

Only properly chosen lamps can make the interior feel warm, cozy and homely. Be that hanging or standing, not only do lamps brighten up the space, but they may also make wonderful decoration. Interestingly, designers more and more often go for eco-friendly solutions. That is why lamps made of cabbage-leaf, dried sea algae, or even coffee grounds are already available. And this is what they look like.

#1 An elegant lamp looking like a string of pearls

#2 Illuminated balloons taking bears up in the sky

#3 Lamps resembling electric cables, perfectly matching raw and modern interior

#4 A lamp watching the household

#5 A very rough lampshade made of chains


#6 A lamp in an autumn style, slightly resembling fishing net

#7 A lamp that looks like laboratory dishes

#8 Colorful toucans

#9 A ceramic lamp like a guest from another planet

#10 Binoculars converted into a desk lamp

#11 Colorful glass compositions

#12 A lamp and a clock in one

#13 The moon on the desk

#14 Like a precious mineral

#15 Illuminated mushrooms

#16 A huge lamp to make you remember the tropical holidays

#17 Something for the fans of rodents

Eco-friendly lamps
#1 A shade made of red cabbage leaves, giving warm orange light

#2 Lampshades made of coffee grounds

#3 Lamps made of dries algae look like the seaweed themselves


This lamp opens like a flower or a fan


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