21 Photos Proving That Fathers’ Creativity Knows No Limits

Being a parent is one of the most demanding tasks we have to face (or we will have to face one day). At first our lives are fairly simple. And then this little person comes into this world turning everything upside down.

There is no doubt that children are our priority. However,  it doesn’t change the fact that apart from that we have quite a few things to keep going. Household chores and professional work to name just two. Fortunately, some fathers, in a very hilarious way could combine these things and ideally look after their kids.

#1 The father of the year or the best engineer of the month?

#2 I can smell an engineer here for sure

#3 Now that he’s asleep I can have my cake

#4 Looking after a child is not all that difficult

#5 I wanted to draw some eyebrows for my kid to see what he will look like. He was just as surprised as me

#6 ‘Daddy, I want a ponytail that looks like a bread roll.’
“At your service honey.’

#7 A perfect way to pacify siblings who don’t get on in the car

#8 I’ve got to do some babysitting today. But let me tell you one thing – I like this job!

#9 ‘I asked my husband to see to our daughter for a while.’

#10 When kids want to go to the park, but daddy is too tired

#11 How could I say ‘no’ when she offered pedicure

#12 One Halloween, one outfit

#13 This is real multitasking

#14 Feeding time and playing time in perfect harmony

#15 My wife left me with my daughter for a couple of hours

#16 Once your daughter tells you to get in, you do get in

#17 My son is a very cute Vader

#18 A quick way to do the hair


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#19 His daughter wanted to be Princess Ariel, so he dressed himself as Ursula


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#20 When the plane headphones are too large


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#21 The most resourceful father of the year

Dad level, 9000

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