20 Worst Architects’ Nightmares. This Places Do Exist

It goes without saying that every architect would love to create something as outstanding as works of Gaudi for example. However, not all of them are cut out to do it. We all have different taste and sense of beauty. Sometimes we simple makes mistakes. And so do architects. The final effect is not annoying but simply amusing. If you would like to see some of the nightmare designs, you must see the gallery below.

Weird toilets, slides of death… Some designs come straight from hell!

#1 Open the door and go downstairs. Immediately!

#2 How amusing!

#3 This is going to be spectacular

#4 A living-room, an office, a chapel or perhaps something else…

#5 The buttons are kind of random here

#6 ‘My parents used to have some space like this right next to their bedroom.’

#7 It’s all about comfort

#8 I wonder whose idea it was…

#9 The doors on the bus go weird, weird, weird…

#10 You rent a flat and find the sink in an old glazed cabinet

#11 Not it’s time for you to shine like a pearl

#12 The builder: Would you like a fridge there?
The architect: Yes, please.

#13 The king in the castle

#14 Please close the gate behind you

#15 This is the bathroom in a flat I was about to rent. The rest of the place looked very similar…

#16 When you are having an interesting conversation, what’s the point interrupting it?

#17 This is what happened when somebody forgot about the garage door

#18 A really interesting design

#19 No idea what it is? A clock tower!

#20 I can’t make up my mind if it is hideous or fantastic. I think it depends on the room you are currently in. Yes, all the photos were taken inside one house. It can be yours for $300,000 only.

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