18 Photos That Will Make Your Heart Race For Variety Reasons

Sometimes moments happen to us in life that raise our blood pressure. Sometimes through anger, and sometimes through the stupidity and imprudence of others. And I don’t mean those really scary moments that threaten our lives, but those everyday things that make us hold our breath for a moment.

Looking at these photos will surely make you feel goosebumps more than once. We warn you, some of these photos are only for people with nerves of steel!

#1 This Is Why I Never Trust Escalators

georgedeslandes / imgur

#2 Cardboard Walls and a Flat Screen TV

Nortion / reddit

#3 About Time, But How to Pick Them up Now So They Don’t Fall Off!

TheUnclescar / reddit

#4 When Pipes Burst In Extremely Cold Weather

KevlarYarmulke / reddit

#5 Fear to Use

BlxckTxpes / reddit

#6 A Bike Path with Obstacles

areyoureallysure / imgur

#7 I Don’t Understand Why This Door Is Only for the Urinal

sehnaoui / imgur

#8 What Happened Here!

mike_pants / reddit

#9 I Don’t Know If I’d Dare Keep a Fish In a Ball like This


#10 Good Luck Wit That!

iBleeedorange / Reddit

#11 Master Builder

/splattercrap / Reddit

#12 The Ground Is a Good Balance

#13 Good Support System


#14 Did I Say Something About Support Yet?


#15 How about These Balconies

FranOLeary / twitter

#16 Hmmm, Please Don’t Drive Too Fast


#17 s21 Ultra in Wife’s Jeans vs My 18 Month Old Son’s Joggers

ben_j_davis / reddit

#18 Trash The Yeast!!! Ups..

scrimshawjones / imgur


A brand new $2000 Asus G15 was destroyed when the person in front of it tilted the seat back. (I recorded the video after everyone left).


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