17 People Whose Annoying Behavior Has Driven Their Families Mad

We love spending time with our loved ones. However, as we all know, there are no perfect people. Even family or partners, with their everyday, annoying habits, can lead us to a white fever. Meet the real masters who are able to cause anxiety at large.

#1 As It Turns Out, You Can Divide the Pizza Into Pieces Without Having to Cut the Salami

karinajaimec / reddit

#2 A Piece of Cake in the Shape of a Triangle Tastes Best

XxRageClausxX / reddit

#3 Two Ways to Squeeze Out the Toothpaste: Neat and Cluttered 😉

Neil_D-***_Tyson / reddit

#4 A Never Cleaned Remote Control

av_geek72 / reddit

#5 Chaos in the Toolbox

chadnorman / reddit

#6 When You Cook Dinner, but Your Roommate Has To Clean Up

TheLordHimself1 / reddit

#7 It Takes Too Much Effort to Bin an Empty Toilet Paper Roll

armchairsender / reddit

#8 When the Husband Insists That the Tomato Soup Will Fit Into a Smaller Pot

AntiauthoritarianLog / reddit

#9 That Could Have Really Worked Out if Glued Back Together

studiedoyster / reddit

#10 One Container for All Types of Pasta

absolll / reddit

#11 When You Ask Your Wife to Leave You Half a Candy Bar

livingdeadfreak / reddit

#12 An Adult, Not a Child, Ate a Meal at This Table

titancamper / reddit

#13 The Pizza Center Is the Best. Nobody Likes Crust 😉

MrBrianWeldon / reddit

#14 When the Dirty Clothes Basket Is Not in Sight

skky77 / reddit

#15 Because the Oven Is a Perfect Place to Store Kitchen Gadgets, According to My Wife, but Not for Me – I Always Turn on the Oven to Warm Something up Without Looking Into It 😉.

A-Seabear / reddit

#16 When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t React to Crumbs and the Leftovers Permanently Landing in the Sink

Josolu / reddit

#17 A Kitchen Knife That Is Perfect for Gardening

ColoradoCrazyChicken / reddit

What annoys you the most?

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