15 fantastic ideas to make your house wonderful and practical

Would you like your flat to stand out from thousands of almost identical designs? Are you looking for appropriate inspiration? Do you want to give your house a spell-binding look? Even if there isn’t much room, thanks to these ideas you will find a few tricks to make the most of your house space.

#1 How about a Venice canal behind your stairs?

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#2 Even a small bathroom can fit up anything it takes – it’s just a matter of design

#3 A simple clothes dryer that you can hang on the door and assemble in a blink of an eye

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#4 A pet’s bed under the owner’s bed is a solution that satisfies both

#5 A dish drainer taking the water right into the sink

#6 A portable towel hanger – fix it on any cabinet in the kitchen or bathroom and take it off any time you want to wherever you want

#7 This piece of furniture will soon be your favourite. You can easily work from bed sipping coffee or reading books

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#8 Create your own jungle by attaching the pots to the window pane

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#9 A shelf attached under the bed? Coffee, books and phone always at hand!

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#10 A few wooden stakes and your own design of handles and shelves is ready

#11 Wooden elements make the space cosier. This bathroom feels like a wooden cottage in the country, doesn’t it?

#12 A hanger where hooks pop up if you only need them

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#13 Coffee table plus some space for your pet? Why not!

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#14 Give each room of your flat a pinch of colour!

#15 Don’t forget about posters and photos on the walls

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