14 Ideas for a Cute DIY Plant Stand

Have you got your favourite plants? Why don’t you arrange some space just for them? Have a look at some ideas for DIY plant stands!

#1 Another face of a chest of drawers

#2 A wall for hydroponic plants

#3 Several hanging pots

#4 A stand made of crates

#5 A green ladder

#6 A floating green ladder

#7 A plant gallery of ferns

#8 An eco-stand of coconut shells

#9 The plumber’s way

#10 Small boxes and crates on the wall

#11 Two or three pots in a single floating crate

#12 A swing converted into a plant stand

#13 Boards with holes to fit the pots. There’s no way they will fall off

#14 What about such orchid pot?

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