Home-Made Ways to Remove False Eyelashes without Going to the Beautician

    Home-Made Ways to Remove False Eyelashes without Going to the Beautician

    Home-Made Ways to Remove False Eyelashes without Going to the Beautician
    9:19 AM EDT, June 25, 2020

    False eyelashes for many of us are a great addition to our make-up. Sometimes, however, we decide to remove them. When the beautician is not there, we have to handle them ourselves.

    Of course don’t forget that it is always better to have it done by a beautician. So if you can put it off, that will be the best solution.


    The things you need to be careful about:

    1. Removing false eyelashes yourself poses some risk. Together we false eyelashes we might take out the natural ones with their follicles.

    2. Home ways are hazardous for our eyes if the products we use get into our eyes.

    3. Avoid rubbing your eyelids while spreading any eye-lash removing liquid.

    4. Always read the labels on the products you use to remove eye lashes and follow the instructions there.

    5. Always put some tissue or a wad of cotton wool under the lashes so that the excess of the product you use wouldn’t get into your eyes.

    6. To apply the product you can also use a swab.

    7. Home ways might work with lashes that have been on for a couple of weeks.

    #1 False eyelashes remover

    A dedicated product, usually cream, to remove false eyelashes is the best way to do it. Last but not least this is something it was designed for. However, you have to be really careful so that it won’t get into your eyes. It is strong enough to dissolve the glue, so irritating your eyes with it will be really dangerous.


    #2 Olive oil

    You can use olive oil, coconut oil or even oilseed oil. A cotton wool pad soaked with olive must be used repeatedly and patiently before we see if it works. The thing is that some glues use their adhesive properties if exposed to greasy substances. It all depends on the glue that sticks our lashes. Some people grease the lashes for the night, in the morning apply the oil again and then remove the lashes.

    #3 Dual phase make-up remover

    A soak cotton wool pad put to the lashes and after a while check if they can be removed. Remember not to rub your lashes with the pad! You may have to repeat that a few times

    #4 Steam

    You can use steam to remove your lashes. Boil some water and pour it into a pot. Bend over it and cover your head with a towel. After 15 minutes you can rub the lashes with a cotton-wool pad.

    Don’t forget to be very careful and delicate while handling the false eyelashes so that you won’t lose your own.

    Maybe you have your own ways to remove false eyelashes?
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