Home-Made Mixture to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

    Home-Made Mixture to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

    Home-Made Mixture to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay
    4:53 AM EDT, May 5, 2024

    With its plenty of plant and animal species, wildlife is truly amazing. Some of them dwell far away from our civilization while others, quite the contrary, seem to enjoy the presence of human beings. Even if we do not feel like having them around. I guess mosquitoes are the best example here.

    Not only are they annoying, but they also might be dangerous due to their disease transmission potential. If you don’t want to be bitten, you’ve got to know how to keep them as far away from you and your family as possible.

    Perhaps the best way to do it is to prepare your own mosquito repelling agent

    You need three ingredients and a plastic spray bottle. Mix half a glass of shampoo, half a glass of natural vinegar (9% alcohol content) and half a glass of plant oil.


    Mix the three ingredients until they form a homogenous mixture. Then pour it into the bottle and spray anywhere mosquitoes are not welcome. It is quite safe as the ingredients do not contain any dangerous compounds so in fact you can apply it any room. You can also use it in the garden or even apply on your skin directly.

    Finally mosquitoes will be gone for good!
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