Taking Care of Orchids – Does It Make Any Sense to Water Them With… Beer?

Plants at home don’t need any recommendations. They look wonderful and as if that was not enough they clean the air. They quieten us and give the interior a fresher look. However, not everyone puts a potted plant on their window sill. The thing is that sometimes it is really difficult to take care of plants. But is it really so complicated? It turns out that even those who have no gardening skills may afford to have at home some of the most beautiful plants in the world. All you need is a couple of tricks. Today we will share a bunch of those that have to do with taking care of orchids.

Taking care of orchids

Orchids are members of the family of Orchidaceae. There are 33 subcategories of this beautiful plant. The most popular include Paphiopedilum, with distinct shoe-shaped flowers and common Phalaenopsis. The key thing in everyday care of orchids is choosing the right spot. Orchids love humid air and that is why you ought to spray some water around them a few times a day.

Watering orchids

Apart from light, the plants also require appropriate watering. It is worth imitating the natural conditions of tropical forests from which the plants come from. Water them well and then choose a cooler spot. Next water them once every two or three weeks. Don’t leave any water on the pot saucer as this may cause rotting of the roots.

Taking care of orchids – the Asian beer trick

You might have heard that Asians use beer to water orchids. This surprising idea, weird as it sounds, may be a good one. Beer contains a lot of vitamin B which helps the roots develop properly. As a result, the plants grow stronger, healthier and more immune to disease or pests. To water your orchids in the Asian way, use a solution of light beer (lager) and water (proportion 1:30).
Don’t use this trick more often than once a month. Also, don’t do it in the winter, between December and March.

What pots are best for orchids?

We can often come across orchids in transparent or semi-transparent pots. This is because the roots need some light and air. If you don’t like this option, you can simply choose a pot bigger than the plant.

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