Tropical Mint (Also Known as White-Edged Swedish Ivy, Candlestick Vibe, Ornamental Coleus) – This Decorative Plant Put on Your Balcony or Terrace Will Keep Mosquitoes Away.

Tropical mint can grow up to 5 feet (1,5 m). thanks to its beautiful leaves it is often used to decorate terraces and balconies. However, the beauty of its leaves is not the only asset. Tropical mint also protects against mosquitoes.

Tropical mint

In Europe it is an annual plant with long hanging shoots with plenty of delicate leaves on the, young seedlings of tropical mint are not big, but the plant grows really fact.
The plant can be thinned out if we want it to grow bigger.
It prefers sunny spots (though not too hot) but if placed in a darker spot, it will survive, too.

Tropical mint on the balcony

The plant can grow on its own is a separate pot or with other plants in a bigger container. You need to remember, however, how long it can be.

Tropical mint grows best along with pelargoniums (climbing or border pelargonium) as they both have similar watering requirements

Tropical mint

The plant repels mosquitoes thanks to its ethereal oils. When you are on your balcony, simply shake its leaves a little so that the scent floats in the air. Of course one plant is not enough to make sure the mosquitoes will stay away.

That is why you will often see more than one at entrance door to houses, on balconies and terraces as well.

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