19 Ideas for Transforming Old Doors and Windows Into Unique Furniture

Old doors and windows are excellent items that can be given a second life. With a little ingenuity, you can easily turn them into furniture and ornaments. They will enliven any interior and attract the attention of guests. Perfectly fit into the rustic as well as modern spaces.

#1 Window as a Mirror


#2 Door in the Role of a Hanger


#3 Original Masking From the Window

#4 Door Can Be Turned Into a Shower Screen

#5 Windows Became Fronts of Cabinets


#6 Windows Hung on Chains, Separating Leisure From Kitchen Space


#7 Doors as Table Tops Protected by Glass

#8 A Door Turned Into a Shelf Perfect for the Living Room

#9 A Corner Shelf Made of Doors

#10 Window Ingeniously Incorporated Into a Coat Rack Part


#11 Window Turned Into a Decorative Shelf in the Kitchen

#12 A Double Window Turned Into a Chandelier

#13 Elegant Window Decoration

#14 A Rustic Headboard

#15 A Refreshed Door Works Perfectly as a Countertop


#16 A Screen Made of Doors. Perfect for the Sewing Room

#17 Small Shelf Made From Shutters

#18 Old Doors Can Be Used as Bathroom Walls to Hang a Mirror On


#19 Elegant Bench Made From Shutters


What else would you make of your windows and doors?

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