14 Examples of People That Neglected Their Professionalism and Decided Just do The Job Anyhow

You pay for the service and you get a slacker instead of a specialist… what sometimes happens in life! We’ve all been there, so take a look at this lot.

#1 What Is Wrong – the Sink or Cabinet Space?


#2 Yellow Fountain Water? Is That Normal…


#3 You’re Not Doing a Good Job if the Shark Takes Over Your Equipment…


#4 Employee of the Month – Poured Hot Oil From a Deep Fryer Into a Plastic Bucket


#5 During the Renovation the Cable Guy Was Drilling in the Wall… He Managed to Drill Through a Very Expensive Guitar…


#6 “Hey, Get in the Truck!”

Never forget the parking brake. from r/Wellthatsucks

#7 Look How the Courier Hid the Package!


#8 The Inscription “Delicate” on the Package Was Probably Not Very Readable…


#9 I Paid a Lot for a Professional Gardener. You See, He Knows His Job Well


#10 “Have I Ever Forgotten Something?”

When you leave your windows down during a snow storm from r/Wellthatsucks

#11 This Is What a Pool Looks Like When a Flower Pot Falls Into It by Mistake


#12 Buzz What Happened to You!?

Expectations vs Reality from r/funny

#13 Warehouseman… Made a Big Mistake or Better Said Milkshake


#14 This Is Called Professional Order Packing!

© DrBoswell / Reddit

Have you ever come across such tremendous trouble makers?

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