17 Toilets Where Designers Got Carried Away

Yes, I know. Tastes are not to be disputed. Something beautiful for me will be disgusting for you. Everyone has their own likes and preferences. However, I think we can all agree that the toilets below are terrible.

Trends come and go. In spite of that, these bathrooms should have never appeared. Anywhere. Just have a look.

#1 Kitchen and toilet in one. There is one advantage, though. You can continue cooking without disturbing your toilet ‘deliberations’

#2 As for the style, this bathroom is by all means consistent. Anyway, I would not like to pee with this toad staring at me

#3 Nothing worse than public toilet and glass door

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#4 The whole place looks suspicious. I think the centre of the disaster is the toilet without a door under the stairs

#5 Something for Inspector Gadget and his long arms!

#6 Almost everything is ok here. But for the two taps…

#7 Even the most daring dwarf would refuse to use this toilet

#8 It’s all about the throne…

#9 Privacy is all that matters!

#10 To answer the call of nature you have to climb these few stairs and that’s it!

#11 I wonder whose legs will fit in between the toilet and the bath

#12 Something for very close friends

#13 ‘Hey, are you sure we fixed these doors right?’

#14 If you are going to Prague, make sure that your flat will have some distance between the kitchen and the toilet

This photo of Anenska Apartment House is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This photo of Anenska Apartment House is courtesy of TripAdvisor

#15 This is so bad that I have no idea what to say.

#16 There is one thing you can take for granted: you’re not going to get cold there

#17 Crouching too difficult for you? This toilet solves the problem

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