DIY Fly-Trap. A Zip-Lock Bag and Coins – Works All Summer Long!

Flies are a nightmare. If you don’t have a cat that could do them in, and fly papers do not go with your taste, we have got something for you. A great idea to get rid of flies!

Forget the terrible fly papers!

A zip-lock bag of water and a few coins will solve the problem

Things you need:

-a zip-lock bag
-some coins


-fill the zip-lock bag with water
-put some coins inside

Where to hang it?

The home-made fly-repellent works best if hanged over doors and windows, outside. Flies don’t get scared by scents. The bag aims at their sight. The glitter of coins blinds flies which makes them fly another direction. The water inside the bag is received like a large reservoir which also scares them away.

And that’s it! Enjoy your first summer without flies!



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