10 Little-known Uses of Coal Useful in the House and in the Garden

Coal is mainly used for heating purposes. However, there many other ways we can take advantage of this mineral. Be that garden, flat or house. For example, activated charcoal pills are a cure for poisonings. Common coal also has some interesting applications. See what it its worth at home.


Coal in the garden
1. Eliminating compost smells

Coal can be used on compost if the stench becomes unbearable. Mix the composted material with coal and you will soon get rid of the nasty smells.

2. Weeding

Ground and scattered coal prevents weed growth and keeps the soil moist for your plants.

3. Recommended for plants preferring alkaline soils

Potted plants preferring neutral or alkaline soil grow better if we place a layer of coal on the bottom of the pot.
Cut flowers preferring alkaline water stay fresh longer if there is some coal on the bottom of the flower vase.

4. Protects tools

If you swipe your tools with some coal, they won’t go rusty so fast. If you don’t want to smear them with coal, put them in a box with some coal inside.

Applications at home
1. Eliminating mold

Mold appears in moist places. Removing it will not be effective if we don’t get rid of the moist. Fortunately we have coal to absorb it. Last but not least, this is one of its key properties.

First clean the spot affected by mold using baking soda and vinegar. Then leave some coal there in a container or a bowl.

2. Purifying water

Water filters have relied on charcoal for a long time. It absorbs several impurities. It removes completely or at least reduces the concentration of pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, benzene, radon, solvents and other chemical substances.

3. Furniture maintenance

Dark furniture and floors might be protected in spots where some scratchings, cracks or other imperfections have appeared.

4. Removing nasty smells

Coal absorbs moist and also unpleasant smells. You can use it anywhere there is a smell you want to get rid of. That might be a fridge, a dustbin or a laundry basket.
The rubbish won’t smell if you scatter some coal onto it.
In case of clothes in baskets or wardrobes, leave some coal in a cloth bag there so that it won’t stain the clothes.

5. Whitening teeth

In spite of its black colour, coal is a very effective whitening agent. Brush your teeth with powdered coal and wash them.

6. Drawing

Drawing with coal is a good idea for a family activity on a rainy day. Even if they put their coaly fingers into the mouth, they are going to be fine! The coal we take in case of digestive problems or stomach flu absorbs the dangerous pathogens.

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