20 Faults Fixed by ‘Experts’. The Final Result Was beyond Everyone’s Expectations

Hiring a plumber is sometimes the only way out in your combat against a broken washing machine or a leaking tap. It is neither easy nor cheap, so finding a good handyman is a challenge. Especially bearing in mind the fact, that it is not all gold that glitters. And not all experts are as experienced as they say.

#1 Enough rubber bands always does the job

#2 When the plumber charges too much and you decide to fix it yourself

#3 You’re not really comfy here, are you?

#4 This tap takes you directly to Hogwarts

#5 The assembly was supposed to be easy

#6 I have some mixed feelings about it

#7 Even a bathroom may have a bad day

#8 What exactly is this tap for?

#9 Once you manage to open it, then perhaps you will manage to use it

#10 I bet it’s fine until you call me again

#11 It’s not a mistake. It’s the designer’s vision

#12 I asked my brother, who is a plumber, to fix my shower. I guess it’s fine now, right?

#13 When the toilet becomes a chatroom

#14 My workmate asked me what was wrong with one of the toilets. This is what I saw once I opened the door

#15 A wine cork is an indispensable plumbing accessory

#16 Comfy and cosy

#17 The door won’t close? Just give me a minute!

#18 How they manage to turn the valve is to remain a mystery…

#19 ‘I thought you might need a socket here in case your battery goes flat.’

#20 This is going to be electrifying!

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