17 Toilets Where Designers Got Carried Away

Yes, I know. Tastes are not to be disputed. Something beautiful for me will be disgusting for you. Everyone has their own likes and preferences. However, I think we can all agree that the toilets below are terrible.

Trends come and go. In spite of that, these bathrooms should have never appeared. Anywhere. Just have a look.

#1 Kitchen and toilet in one. There is one advantage, though. You can continue cooking without disturbing your toilet ‘deliberations’

#2 As for the style, this bathroom is by all means consistent. Anyway, I would not like to pee with this toad staring at me

#3 Nothing worse than public toilet and glass door

Embed from Getty Images

#4 The whole place looks suspicious. I think the centre of the disaster is the toilet without a door under the stairs

#5 Something for Inspector Gadget and his long arms!

#6 Almost everything is ok here. But for the two taps…

#7 Even the most daring dwarf would refuse to use this toilet

#8 It’s all about the throne…

#9 Privacy is all that matters!

#10 To answer the call of nature you have to climb these few stairs and that’s it!

#11 I wonder whose legs will fit in between the toilet and the bath

#12 Something for very close friends

#13 ‘Hey, are you sure we fixed these doors right?’

#14 If you are going to Prague, make sure that your flat will have some distance between the kitchen and the toilet

This photo of Anenska Apartment House is courtesy of TripAdvisor

#15 This is so bad that I have no idea what to say.

#16 There is one thing you can take for granted: you’re not going to get cold there

#17 Crouching too difficult for you? This toilet solves the problem

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