High Heels – How to Get the Best Ones? 5 Important Rules

    High Heels – How to Get the Best Ones? 5 Important Rules

    High Heels – How to Get the Best Ones? 5 Important Rules
    5:43 AM EDT, July 22, 2020

    It goes without saying that every woman wearing high heels looks stunning. However, wearing them sometimes brings about a lot of pain and discomfort. Can anything be done to avoid scratched toes and painful feet? We have got a few hints for you that will help you select the best pair for you and save you from the pain and suffering.

    High heels – how to buy appropriate shoes that won’t make your feet hurt?

    If you want to look gorgeous but you would hate to suffer the pain your new high heels or wedge heels give you, you’d better follow a few principles that will give you all the joy shoe shopping ought to give, still saving you from blisters and corns.

    #1 Comfy high heels for everyday use


    No matter how much you love high heels, you’d better go for something slightly more modest for everyday use. Wearing high heels too often is really bad for your health. In the longer run it might cause severe knee joint conditions. Moreover, they could also affect your spine and back. Lower heels with longer distance between the platform and the heel will be healthier and more comfortable.

    It is always safe to follow the doctors’ advice. They claim that the height of the heels worn every day shouldn’t be more than 4 centimetres. Such shoes aren’t so harmful and the spine is relived, too. Also, the risk of bone tissue degeneration is reduced.

    Another option to choose comfortable shoes is the distance between the heel and the outsole. The higher the heel, the shorter the distance should be. 5-6 centimetres is considered safe to provide correct feet position plus maximum stability.

    #2 How to buy best high heels? Safe high heels for a night out


    To choose the best high heels for a night out:

    - Measure the length of your legs from the hip to the feet;

    then use the height/ leg length formula – 1.61 * 10.

    The result will stand for the perfect heel height for you.

    The material, size and shoe position



    The footwear made of synthetic materials will be rougher and it takes much more time before the shoes adapt to your foot’s shape. Tough material causes more scratches and corns, which is going to give you lots of pain. The best shoes will be made of leather or suede.



    To avoid pain, women often choose high heels shoes at least half the size smaller. There is some rational in it. It sometimes makes some sense to buy shoes even a size larger and then get some silicone insoles. However, if you want to choose high heels fitting you perfectly, go to the shoe shop in the afternoon or in the evening. This is when your feet are slightly swollen and so you will be able to choose the best size that will stay comfy even during very long parties.


    The heels and the angle

    As I have already pointed out, feet shouldn’t be too tight in the shoes, nor the shoes should be to loose. While trying them on, you’d better walk for a couple of minutes inside the shop. Two steps will never do. Also pay attention to the angle of the heel. It can’t be leaning either outside or inside. If it is, these shoes are likely to give you some trouble later on once you buy them.

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