How to hem your jeans without cutting original hem?

    How to hem your jeans without cutting original hem?

    12:02 PM EDT, April 27, 2020

    How to shorten jeans without cutting them off? You know this situation all so well. You are in a shop. There is a pair of jeans – great colour, fitting perfectly and suiting even better anything you think of. And the price is so fair… There is one little ‘but’ though. They are too long, and you begin to wonder if having them shortened makes sense.

    How to Hem Your Jeans Without Cutting Original Hem?

    Step 1: Decide where you want your jeans to finish. Try them on and mark the spot. That should be somewhere about an inch over the floor. This will prevent you from stumbling and let you avoid situations when your jeans might look unfit. Of course in the end everything is up to you.


    Step 2: Turn the leg up and fold it where you want your trousers to finish. Fold it to make it lie flat. Check carefully if the height is right. Once you do it with one leg, do the same with the other.


    Step 3: Using pins mark the finishing of trousers on the upper part of the leg. Do it in one direction. Remember to check the trousers’ length unless you want to have one leg shorter than the other…

    Step 4: Oversew the seam around the trousers’ leg. Now you need to sew to fold-up to the leg. Do it in direction opposite to the pins used before. Just below the sew on the oversew already there. Next you can sew the leg manually or with a machine. Then unfold the leg the other direction. Thanks to it you can later come back to the original length of the trousers.


    Step 5: Unfold the seam. Now take out the excess of the fold-up bending the leg so that original edge of the trousers would appear again. Measure the jeans to make sure the length is right. If you are sure you won’t come back to their original size later on, you can cut off the rest.


    Step 6: iron the trousers. Doing this flatten the lower edge. Flattening the leg will make the material rolled inside smoothen.

    If you prefer to see instructions live, have a look at the tutorial.

    Watch it carefully and you will see how easy it is!

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