A Woman Avoided Men to Live 109 Years

Jessie Gallan was a Scottish woman who lived 109 years. In an interview she gave away her secret for longevity.

Milking cows

She was born on 2 January 1906 in a little cottage in the country. Her whole family ( 5 sisters, a brother and parents) lived in two rooms only. Jessie left her family house at the age of 13 and started work – her first job was milking cows. Later on she helped at another farm and also worked in a hotel. At the end of her life she stayed at a nursing home in Aberdeen.

Avoiding men


In 2014 Jessie (she was 108 then) gave an interview where she talked about how she had managed to live so long. She said that there were a few factors that contributed:
• she never got married
• she had a bowl of warm porridge every day
• she did a lot of exercise and worked physically.

Active till the end


Her most important advice for women is that they should avoid men. In her opinion they always bring about far more problems than any benefits.

The woman was always positive and enjoyed her work (rarely did she decide to take some holidays).

Jessie died in March 2014 at the age of 109. She stayed active till the end. She would go to church, go to concerts and do regular exercise.

Do you know anybody who is/ was that old?

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