The Best Place to Watch Rainbows Is Hawaii. A Rainbow Stays in the Sky up to Several Hours There

    The Best Place to Watch Rainbows Is Hawaii. A Rainbow Stays in the Sky up to Several Hours There

    11:45 AM EDT, September 8, 2022, updated: 5:30 PM EDT, September 8, 2022

    Probably everyone likes to observe a colorful rainbow. It is a very impressive phenomenon that makes the landscape magical. The rainbow in Hawaii is said to be the most beautiful.

    According to a bulletin from the American Meteorological Society, you will see the most phenomenal rainbows only in Hawaii. This is favored by the atmospheric factors there, the geographical location and the terrain. After all, there's a reason Hawaii is hailed as the rainbow capital of the world 😉 .

    A rainbow in Hawaii, photo by Unsplash
    A rainbow in Hawaii, photo by Unsplash

    The Rainbow That Became a Celestial Pathway

    Steven Businger is a professor of meteorology who has taken it upon himself to study the phenomenon of rainbows in the Hawaiian islands. This beautiful phenomenon can be observed there more often than in any other place in the world.

    For the locals it has already become so common that it has become a permanent part of their culture. They believe that the rainbow acts as a path along which the gods descend to earth. Additionally, it symbolizes good fortune, happiness, and prosperity.

    A rainbow in Hawaii, photo by Unsplash
    A rainbow in Hawaii, photo by Unsplash

    Why Do the Most Beautiful Rainbows in the World Occur in Hawaii?

      First of all, Hawaii has sunny weather, which is varied by rainfall. On top of that, there are winds. These 3 factors are the perfect recipe for a perfect rainbow to form.
    What's more, Hawaii boasts clean air free of dust and particulate matter. This makes it possible to observe spectacular rainbows in the sky.An additional factor is the geographical location of the islands themselves. It makes the warm northwesterly trade winds blow there.
  • Interestingly, rainbows in the Hawaiian sky do not disappear quickly. In summer, they can be observed for up to 7 hours, and on some winter days they do not disappear from the horizon for more than 8 hours.
  • BONUS by Sylvain Paradis by Sylvain Paradis

    There are many intriguing and breathtaking weather phenomena to be seen around the world. One of them is the solar columns that can be seen in Canada. These colorful streaks of light can be observed just after sunset or just before dawn. They are formed when ice crystals, located in the clouds, fall and reflect sunlight.

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